Introducing Linecare Linecare Inc. is a Korea-based healthtech company that serves to connect patients to care. We understand the growing need for digital health solutions that are powerful, reliable and easy-to-use. That's why Linecare provides an intuitive, secure platform for appointment booking & teleconsultation. We also link the worlds of digital health & digital payment to bring care closer to all. And we're currently developing tools for medical records management and prescription delivery. Our focus is on accelerating the adaptation of digital healthcare and improving its functionality - particularly in South East Asia.

OUR MISSION We believe great tech
can enable us to live better,
healthier lives.

Linecare is a sustainable and scalable solution that can fill gaps in the healthcare system, starting with simplifying the process of appointment booking - a critical gateway to care. We have envisioned a linkage between digital health and digital payment technologies, so that users can access and pay for care in the way that is most comfortable and convenient for them.

OUR STORY Like many innovators,
Linecare began with a single,
powerful question:
what if every human had access to vital healthcare at their fingertips?

A huge (and growing) body of research suggests that the burden of chronic diseases would be checked; preventative medicine would thrive; barriers to care, lifted. In 2018 our Founder & CEO, Danny Oh, recognized that in places like the Philippines - where nearly every person has smartphone access - such a dream was within reach; so he set out to organize a team, build the tech, and form the partnerships that would see Linecare usher in a new age of smart, connected care.