Our Solutions

LINECARE Doctor Search

Linecare is building a doctor search tool
that will support linkage to care based on your needs.
This means you can find a provider based on location,
specialty, symptoms,
health concerns and other factors.

LINECARE Booking+Teleconsultation

Linecare's current app offers patients
a seamless appointment booking experience, so that you
can take control of your care.

Select a provider who meets your needs – then
schedule your teleconsultation.

Receive confirmation and reminders before your
scheduled appointment; then, use our integrated
communications features to connect with your
doctor in real-time.

Linecare allows patients to communicate with
their doctors via text, talk and video - all at the
touch of a button.

LINECARE Easy Payment & Rewards

Linecare has taken the next step in developing a digital healthcare
ecosystem: linking digital health with digital payment technology.
This is a big deal, because it means that even users who have no
access to traditional banking can acess care through our trusted
payment platform.

Linecare is about making - and keeping - your connection to
healthcare. That's why we've developed LinePoints: a reward-system
that enables users to pay for the care they need.
Every user starts their journey with a small amount of LinePoints -
free; then, additional LinePoints can be earned as you go. For every
health-focused activity you perform within the app, LinePoints will be
added to your wallet; they can then be used to help cover the cost of
the consultations you receive via Linecare.

Our goal is to further simplify the healthcare ecosystem, so that
payment, secure data-sharing, and medical care can all be seamlessly
performed over the same, easy-to-use platform.


Linecare offers integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) Cloud
access to healthcare providers,
so they can provide ongoing clinical
oversight and patient engagement.
Our EHR system also feeds into
the patient's Personal Health Record (PHR), to provide a transparent
overview of your health status and care plan.